Change laws, allow broadband access

Change laws, allow broadband access

Governor Haslam, many residents in parts of Hamilton and Bradley counties, along with the rest of the state, are only able to get Internet via cellphone providers or a dish. To get television, we need an additional dish on the roof. None of these options are consistently reliable. The data plans are limited and expensive.

If we really want to be the state that supports education, then all the tools necessary for success must be made available for all residents, and this includes high-speed broadband access. I encourage you to push for repeal of the outdated laws and allow municipal utilities to provide broadband service. ATT, Comcast and Charter are against this but refuse to provide the service to rural Tennessee. They say private business should not have to compete with municipal utilities. Follow the money, and you will see the private telecoms get more federal funds than municipal utilities to service rural areas.

We need EPB to expand in this area as it is the only company willing to provide broadband to underserved areas.

Bill Perry

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Posted on February 3, 2016 .